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Explore Oak Island’s beauty effortlessly with our stylish golf cart rentals, the perfect addition to your vacation. Comfortable, fun, and designed for adventure, our carts turn every ride into an unforgettable journey. Experience the freedom to discover charming landscapes and stunning beaches at your leisure. Welcome to the most delightful way to navigate Oak Island, where every trip is as memorable as the destination.


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Our Premium Golf Cart Selection

Dive into our diverse range of golf cart rentals, featuring both 4 and 6 seat models to accommodate your group or family size. Whether you're looking for an elevated view with our lifted options or prefer the ease of our non-lifted carts, we have the perfect match for your Oak Island adventures. Below are examples of our premium selections. Please note, the features on actual rentals may vary, but rest assured, they will offer similar comfort, style, and functionality to enhance your vacation experience. Choose your ideal companion for exploring Oak Island in style and comfort.

Voyager 4-Passenger Non-Lifted Golf Cart Rental
1 Day Rental - $N/A
2 Day Rental - $N/A
3 Day Rental - $250
4 Day Rental - $300
5 Day Rental - $350
6 Day Rental - $400
7 Day Rental - $400
Voyager 6-Passenger Lifted Golf Cart Rental
1 Day Rental - $N/A
2 Day Rental - $N/A
3 Day Rental - $350
4 Day Rental - $425
5 Day Rental - $500
6 Day Rental - $575
7 Day Rental - $575
Voyager 6-Passenger Non-Lifted Golf Cart Rental
1 Day Rental - $N/A
2 Day Rental - $N/A
3 Day Rental - $325
4 Day Rental - $400
5 Day Rental - $475
6 Day Rental - $550
7 Day Rental - $550
Voyager 4-Passenger Lifted Golf Cart Rental
1 Day Rental - $N/A
2 Day Rental - $N/A
3 Day Rental - $275
4 Day Rental - $325
5 Day Rental - $375
6 Day Rental - $425
7 Day Rental - $425

Know Before You Go: Rental Tips and Rules

Oak Island Golf Cart Rental Guidelines

When choosing an Oak Island golf cart rental, it’s important to familiarize yourself with our rental guidelines designed to ensure you get the most out of your experience. These guidelines cover everything from safe operation to local traffic laws, ensuring your time with our golf carts is both enjoyable and compliant with Oak Island regulations. By understanding and following these simple rules, you can focus on the fun and freedom that comes with your golf cart rental, making your island adventure as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Securing your Oak Island golf cart rental with us is a breeze! Just select your desired dates, and choose the perfect golf cart from the selection below for your Oak Island adventure. We ensure the delivery of all golf carts to the provided local address, requiring a 48-hour notice to guarantee timely delivery.

For a smooth rental process, please email us proof of auto insurance and valid driver’s licenses for all individuals intending to drive the golf cart. Completing an electronic rental agreement and making full payment prior to delivery are also necessary steps. With these prerequisites met, you’re all set to explore Oak Island with our reliable golf cart rentals. Enjoy the convenience and fun of our golf cart rentals in Oak Island, designed to make your stay unforgettable.

For your Oak Island golf cart rental needs, we offer delivery to all Brunswick County beaches and the surrounding locales. Enjoy the perk of having the delivery fee waived on all weekly rentals. For those planning shorter adventures of 3-6 days, a nominal $50 delivery fee applies. To secure your golf cart rentals Oak Island delivery, we kindly ask that you make your reservation and fulfill all necessary requirements at least 48 hours in advance. Due to the scheduled routes of our delivery trucks, we are unable to promise specific pick-up or delivery times. Trust us to provide convenient and reliable service for your Oak Island golf cart rental, ensuring your time on the island is both enjoyable and hassle-free.

To ensure a smooth conclusion to your Oak Island rental, please leave the golf cart in the driveway of your delivery address with the keys in the driver’s side dash compartment. Make sure the charger is on the cart and all items, including the keys, are ready for pick-up. While specific pick-up times can’t be guaranteed due to traffic and scheduling, we’ll provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for your convenience. This approach helps us complete your rental efficiently and keeps your experience hassle-free from beginning to end.

At Bazen Golf Cars, our Oak Island golf cart rental service provides top-of-the-line Lithium-Ion battery-powered carts, ensuring you enjoy extended use and rapid charging times of just 2-4 hours. This efficiency means more time exploring Oak Island and less time waiting for your cart to charge. Here’s how to keep your golf cart powered up and ready to go:

  1. Preparation for Charging:
    • Park the golf cart in a safe location.
    • Turn the key to the OFF position and remove it from the vehicle to prevent any unintended operation.
  2. Initiating the Charge:
    • Find the charger cord that comes with your golf cart.
    • Securely connect the charger cord to the vehicle’s charging receptacle.
    • For safety and as a visual reminder that the cart is charging, we recommend threading the extension cord through the steering wheel.
  3. During Charging:
    • Do not operate or drive the golf cart while it is connected to the charger and plugged into the wall.
    • The charging process is complete when the display screen or speedometer shows a 100% charge, and a green light appears on the charger, located under the seat.
  4. Post-Charging:
    • First, unplug the power extension cord from the wall outlet, then disconnect the charger cord from the vehicle’s receptacle.
    • Our Lithium-Ion batteries support both partial and full charge cycles, offering flexibility to suit your schedule without compromising on performance.
  5. Important Notes:
    • If you need to stop charging before completion, always unplug the charger from the wall outlet before removing the charger cord from the golf cart.
    • Only use the dedicated 15-20 amp wall outlet and the provided extension cord for charging to ensure a proper connection.
    • The distance you can travel on a single charge may vary due to factors like load weight, terrain, temperature, and other environmental conditions.

By following these charging procedures, you can maximize the enjoyment and utility of your golf cart rental in Oak Island. Bazen Golf Cars is committed to providing you with reliable and convenient golf cart rentals in Oak Island, ensuring every trip is as enjoyable as the destination itself. For any questions or further assistance, our team is always ready to help.

Operating street legal golf carts and Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) on Oak Island is subject to specific rules and regulations designed to ensure the safety of both the operator and the public. Please note, this summary is not comprehensive. For a full list of rules and to ensure you have the most current information, we strongly recommend visiting the Town of Oak Island’s official website.

  • Licensing: Operators must have a valid driver’s license to drive a golf cart or LSV on public roads.
  • Age Requirement: Drivers must be at least 21 years old to operate these vehicles.
  • Road Use: Golf carts and LSVs are only allowed on roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or lower. They are not permitted on sidewalks or bike paths.
  • Crossing Major Roads: While direct travel on higher-speed roads is prohibited, golf carts and LSVs may cross at designated intersections.
  • Safety Gear: All vehicles must be equipped with headlights, taillights, turn signals, reflective materials, and an official safety inspection sticker. Seat belts are required for all passengers.
  • Alcohol and Drugs: Operating golf carts or LSVs under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal and subject to the same penalties as driving a car.

The Key and Light Switch on our golf carts is designed with a three-position functionality for optimal control and convenience:

  • OFF: In this position, the vehicle is completely disabled, ensuring safety when not in use.
  • ON: By turning the key clockwise to the first position, you activate the vehicle’s electronics and accessory power, preparing it for operation.
  • LIGHTS ON: Turning the key clockwise again to the second position activates the running lights. This setting also enables the vehicle to be driven in reverse, engaging the reverse warning indicator for safety.

Additionally, the switch includes settings for driving directions and safety:

  • F (Forward): Engages the vehicle to be driven forward.
  • N (Neutral): Disengages the vehicle’s accelerator pedal, allowing the vehicle to remain on without moving.
  • R (Reverse): Enables the vehicle to be driven in reverse direction.

For added convenience, a USB port is integrated into the center console. When the key switch is in the ON position, this USB port can supply power to electronic devices via a USB cable (not included), allowing you to keep your devices charged on the go.

Key &Amp; Light Switch Operation | Bazen Golf Cars

The accelerator pedal, located on the right side of the floorboard in your golf cart, is crucial for activating the motor and controlling your speed. To increase the vehicle’s speed, apply slow and steady pressure to this pedal. The brake pedal, found on the left side, is used to decelerate or bring the vehicle to a complete stop, ensuring safe operation throughout your journey.

This golf cart is also equipped with an ActivBrake™, an automatic parking brake system that engages when the vehicle stops, providing added safety. The brake automatically releases when the vehicle is set to F (forward) or R (reverse) and the accelerator pedal is pressed, allowing for smooth transitions.

The front bench seat is designed to comfortably seat two occupants, making it ideal for leisurely rides or exploring the surroundings. This setup ensures both driver and passenger enjoy a comfortable and secure ride, whether you’re navigating the streets of Oak Island or simply enjoying the scenic routes.

Oak Island Golf Cart Rental

The Ultimate Vacation Convenience

Enhance your Oak Island getaway with the convenience of a golf cart from Bazen Golf Cars, your premier choice for Oak Island golf cart rentals. Our service provides an enjoyable and flexible way to explore the island’s offerings. Imagine cruising to Middleton Park for a summer concert, effortlessly securing the perfect spot to enjoy the music and atmosphere. With a golf cart rental in Oak Island, every cultural event becomes easily accessible, adding a layer of enjoyment to your vacation experiences.

Oak Island Summer Concert

Our golf cart rentals in Oak Island also make beach days and pier fishing excursions effortlessly enjoyable. Load up your cart with beach essentials or fishing gear and head straight to the sand or pier without the hassle of carrying everything by hand. Oak Island’s stunning beaches and welcoming fishing piers are more accessible than ever, allowing you to maximize your time soaking up the sun or reeling in the day’s catch. Whether you’re lounging by the waves or casting a line, a golf cart ensures that every beach activity is just a pleasant ride away.

Oak Island Fishing Pier | Oak Island Golf Cart Rental

Conclude your Oak Island adventure by witnessing a spectacular sunset over the ocean, effortlessly reached with your golf cart rental. Navigate to the island’s prime spots for the evening show, where the sky paints itself in stunning colors, offering a serene end to your day. With a golf cart from Bazen Golf Cars, you gain more than just convenience; you unlock the freedom to fully embrace Oak Island’s scenic beauty, ensuring each moment of your stay is as enriching as the destinations you explore.

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